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A Guide to Throwing the Perfect Summer Party!

A Guide to Throwing the Perfect Summer Party!

December 2023 | Design Inspiration

From Christmas catch-ups to New Year’s celebrations to impromptu gatherings of family and friends. warm and balmy evenings provide the perfect conditions for throwing a summer party!


If you’re planning on hosting one, here are some ideas guaranteed to make it a soiree to remember –

  • Set up a self-serve drinks trolley and save yourself a lot of time during the event. Being on wheels also means you can easily cart it outside
  • Make sangria or punch ahead of time. Just keep it in the fridge until the guests arrive, and then periodically top up with ice.
  • Offer your guests citrus, mint, strawberry or cucumber-infused water to keep them cool.
  • Keep a few ice buckets on hand to fill with ice and hold your water bottles.
  • Use jam jars for … everything from cocktail containers to candle holders and vases. It’s much quicker to make a big batch of cocktails in the blender and then pour it into the jars, rather than trying to mix them in each jar.
  • Say it with cut flowers and foliage from your garden. Display them in mismatched vases or float them in water and mix up the types of plants you feature.
  • String up some fairy lights to add ambience to any space. Stick to warm light to prevent the lighting from sticking out too much from its surroundings.
  • Paper lanterns are another a great way to add a colour injection into your party. Choose from purely decorative options, or ones containing small lamps or lightbulbs.
  • Tailor your music playlist to your guests. Try and estimate the amount of time your guests will stay) and make your playlist long enough.
  • Make sure there’s plenty of shade to avoid guests getting burnt and overheated. Put out some outdoor umbrellas or pop up a tent.
  • Having a pool party? As well as making sure it’ clean and leaf-free, chuck in some inflatable pool toys for your guests to lounge on. Nothing says summer party more than an inflatable flamingo!