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Design Guidelines

Housing and design guidelines have been established to provide the highest design and building standards for the Ashbury estate. 

Design Guidelines

Housing and design guidelines have been established to provide the highest design and building standards for the Ashbury estate. With a focus on sustainability and longevity, these standards aim to protect the natural environment and the visual quality of the built environment.

Indeed Ashbury will have a very distinct feel and identity. The great range of allotments allow for premium housing design and landscaping, ensuring Ashbury develops into a high-quality residential community.

The requirements apply a reasonable design approach that will not stifle creativity or impose a standard design solution for every home. Rather, they serve to preserve the wider environmental vision for the area, which will in turn enhance its current and future appeal.


Why do we have design guidelines?
Design Guidelines - Telecommunications
Design Guidelines - Driveways
Design Guidelines - Facades
Design Guidelines - External Features
Design Guidelines - Fencing
Design Guidelines - Corner Treatment
Design Guidelines - Title Pegs


How many dwellings may be constructed per lot?
Only one dwelling per lot is permitted.

What is the time limit for constructing a new home?
Construction of a new house must commence within 12 months of initial settlement and must be completed within 24 months.

Who can issue a building approval?
Only a Registered Building Surveyor is allowed to issue building approvals, and only after the Design Panel has approved the building plans.

Can second-hand homes, caravans, portable dwellings and kit homes be constructed within the premises?
No. However, second-hand dwellings may be approved at the sole discretion of the Design Panel.

How long will it take for the Design Panel to approve building plans?
The Design Panel will take around 10 working days to approve any plans, under normal circumstances. 

What is the purpose of the Ashbury Design Guidelines?
We implement the Design Guidelines to ensure cohesion and visual uniformity, as well as to safeguard our green spaces and preserve the natural environment.

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