Silver Stag of the soul to stand at Ashbury Estate entrance | Ashbury Estate

Silver Stag of the soul to stand at Ashbury Estate entrance

Silver Stag of the soul to stand at Ashbury Estate entrance

Thursday, July 16, 2015 | Design Inspiration

ASHBURY Estate has commissioned local Geelong artist Justin Zahra to create a sculpture that will provide a distinctive landmark to welcome residents and visitors at its entrance.

Mr Zahra has harnessed a nomadic past to create a strong, one-of-a-kind sculpture called ‘The Silver Stag’. It is designed to integrate with nature and magnify the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

Standing more than five metres, the sculpture is made of bare aluminium. The durability of the material will ensure the sculpture can be viewed and appreciated by everyone for many years to come.

Mr Zahra has been a painter and sculptor for more than 20 years and his art is predominantly inspired by nature. His past work in metal fabrication, where he built hot rods, and also in the surfing industry, has allowed him to refine his sculpture skills and craftsmanship. Mr Zahra immerses himself in each sculpture and describes his artwork as a visual representation of his soul.

The grand piece that will greet Ashbury residents is inspired by the abundance of parklands featured in Ashbury’s natural environment. A total of 28.5 hectares have been allocated to active and passive open space and conservation areas throughout the estate. The planning for Ashbury also includes over 14 kilometres of walking and cycling paths, along with expansive conservation and tree retention areas, making it a highly attractive environment for growing families.

As well as picturesque artworks and stunning landscape, Ashbury will also offer the advantage of being located within walking distance of the proposed future Armstrong Creek Town Centre, which will include major retail and entertainment facilities, community, education and health facilities services, together with a public transport interchange.

The Armstrong Creek development is committed to supporting the local community through sponsorships and encourages the hiring of local trades, where possible, to build and complete the estate’s 1,400 lots, which are expected to accommodate up to 4,000 people.

Construction works for Ashbury’s first stages are scheduled to begin in October 2015 and be completed by early 2016. Registrations of interest are open online at or phone 1300 303 460.To learn more about Justin Zahra’s work, visit