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Top Tips for a Sustainable Home

Top Tips for a Sustainable Home

November 2023 | Design Inspiration
  • SOLAR POWER With the money saved on electricity, it typically pays for itself in around 2 – 3 years, with solar panels potentially reducing household electricity bills by at least 50%. This not only reduces the load on the electricity grid but also ongoing electricity costs for the lifetime of the solar system.

  • ENERGY EFFICIENT LIGHTING In the face of increasing electricity and power costs, we’re all looking for efficient lighting – including skylights and large windows that make the most of sun positioning, and efficient lighting technology.

  • Consider installing LED bulbs as they use 75% less energy and last up to 10 times longer than incandescent lighting. CFL light blurbs also use 25 – 35% less energy than traditional light bulbs or incandescent bulbs.

  • QUALITY INSULATION No one wants to buy a draughty home. Insulation in the walls, floors and ceilings keep a house cool in spring/summer and pleasantly warm in autumn/ winter, helping to save on artificial heating which typically makes up on average 40% of a household’s usage.

  • GOOD AIRFLOW Quality ventilation that delivers good airflow and takes advantage of the climate to maintain a comfortable temperature range in the home is another key component of your home’s ‘passive design’, allowing it to harness natural breezes to keep it cool or reduce heat loss through draught proofing. This can include shades on south-facing windows, shade trees and cross ventilation in order to reduce the need for artificial heating or cooling.

  • ENERGY-EFFICIENT APPLIANCES Check out the appliance models and search for the energy ratings online if the energy-efficient sticker has been pulled off the front appliance. If you’re in the market for new appliances, prioritise your purchases according to star ratings.