Trending colours of the year: transform your space with these hues | Ashbury Estate

Trending colours of the year: transform your space with these hues

Trending colours of the year: transform your space with these hues

April 2024 | Design Inspiration

With the year 2024 fully underway, trends have been forming over some of the statement interior design colours.  Influenced by international brands such as Pantone, and in Australia, Dulux.  On-trend colours are all around us, ready to be absorbed into our homes, whether it’s through wall paint, cabinetry colours, furnishings and accessories.  Colours can be introduced into your home in subtle or statement ways, but first let’s dive into what some of the key colours for the year ahead are. 

This year, one of the stand out colours of the season is pale blue.  It’s tranquillity and calm appeal has become a popular choice for a number of reasons. In a post-pandemic world, pale blue takes centre stage, offering a serene and calming escape. Its versatility proves timeless, seamlessly adapting to a range of design styles, allowing homeowners a breath of fresh air to their existing décor.   

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, pale blue brings a sense of natural harmony, evoking the calming presence of the sky and water. This connection to nature is part of a broader trend in interior design, promoting well-being and a harmonious living environment. Pale blue's ability to serve as both a subtle accent and a dominant colour make it very versatile, whether integrated into freestanding furnishings, painted on walls, or used in cabinetry.

Clay has also become a prominent on-trend colour for interiors.  Inspired by the Dulux 2024 colour forecast, as well as a tonal shade of Pantone’s colour of the year Peach Fuzz, the Clay trend embraces natural and neutral tones, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere within living spaces. The warm textures and tones of clay, including apricot, dusty pink, taupe, beige, cream, and burgundy can complement each other and weave together to craft a harmonious living space.

The colour not only compliments a calm and serene ambiance but also integrates seamlessly with various design styles, particularly minimalism and modernism. Beyond its visual appeal, the Clay trend goes a step further by incorporating earthy materials such as terracotta tiles, natural stone, and polished concrete. 

For those looking to embrace the Clay trend temporarily, accessories like clay-coloured pots and vases can be introduced in clusters, adding a touch of warmth without a permanent commitment.  Alternatively, a more lasting impact can be achieved by painting walls, tiling bathrooms, or selecting clay coloured laminates for cabinetry. Combining different tones of clay hues within a space, adds depth and richness to the interior, creating a cosy and inviting ambiance.

Another colour having its moment this year, and particularly as we head into autumn and winter months, is Burgundy.  You may notice when looking back at some of the trends over the past year, that Burgundy and similar hues have in fact been at the forefront of interior design for quite a while. 

A perfect colour to pair with clay and peach colour tones, Burgundy has a warmth yet striking depth.  Burgundy is a rich and sophisticated hue that sits somewhere between red and purple, and can influence the atmosphere and mood of an interior space significantly.  Throughout history and in current times, typically the colour burgundy has been associated with luxury and sophistication, wealth and royalty, and nature and earthiness. 

Incorporating burgundy into home décor can range from bold wall colours to subtle textile accents, allowing for versatility in design applications.  Whether it's through a statement piece of furniture, rich velvet drapes, or accent pillows, burgundy adds a layer of depth that can elevate any ordinary room. 

In recent years the colour brown has been making a triumphant return to the forefront of interior design trends, shedding its once outdated reputation for a new identity.  In the year ahead, this warm, earthy hue is being embraced by designers and homeowners alike for its versatility, comfort, and ability to bring a sense of nature and grounding into any space.  As we find ourselves seeking more connections with nature within our homes, brown offers a perfect palette to anchor our designs, from the deep, rich tones of espresso and walnut to the softer, comforting shades of caramel and taupe.

The great thing is that’s it’s easy to incorporate brown into your interior as the colour occurs naturally through most wood grains and natural leathers.  With many kitchens steering away from all white, you can now find kitchens in complete wood grain, and many darker brown wood kitchens gracing the pages of popular interior magazines.

Brown pairs beautifully with a wide range of colours, from crisp whites and soft creams, to other on trend colours such as blue, clay, burgundy and hues of green, allowing for flexible design schemes.  

When developing a look for your home interior, consider all aspects of the room to ensure you balance colour correctly.  Large spaces of solid colours, such as walls, should be broken up by artwork or built in cabinetry.  If your kitchen cabinetry is all dark woodgrain, consider a lighter stone or porcelain splashback.  If your walls are in brown hue’s, inject a coordinating coloured sofa or floor rug to elevate the space. 

Incorporating brown into your home is not just a nod to fashion; it's a step towards creating a space that connects to nature, and promotes a sense of wellness and comfort.  Brown stands out as a timeless choice that offers both aesthetic appeal and a warm inviting environment.

While the colour trends for this year shouldn’t be limited to four, this selection of hues are intentionally on trend as they can all be used in the one space, in tonal or complimentary scenarios.  Together and separately they tend to evoke a connection to nature and feeling of warmth.  As you start to design your new home or embark on a home renovation, consider introducing colour into your space, and watch as the space transforms.