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Welcome to Ashbury Lisa & Dale

Welcome to Ashbury Lisa & Dale

June 2024 | Meet Your Neighbours

Meet recent purchasers, Lisa McStarvick & Dale Hynes.

The days are getting shorter and the temperatures a little cooler, but there’s been plenty happening at Ashbury over the past few months. The thriving, vibrant community is literally growing by the day. And future residents, Lisa McStarvick & Dale Hynes, can’t wait to join them.

Currently living in Officer in Melbourne’s outer east, the first time home buyers purchased land in Stage 30 mid-way through last year, following in the footsteps Lisa’s sister and her husband who are also building a house in the same stage. About to start building their forever home at Ashbury where they’ll live with their toddler Hugo, they couldn't be more excited about taking the next great next step in their life journey.

We took this opportunity to chat with Lisa to discover what made the couple choose Ashbury.

There are so many factors to consider when purchasing land and building your own house. What made you choose Ashbury?

“We’ve always enjoyed spending weekends in and around Geelong and had often dreamed of relocating here one day. But once my sister and her family bought into Ashbury, we’ve really gotten to know the Estate and fallen in love with it.  Knowing we will have family five doors down the street was definitely a huge part of our decision to buy here, as is the fact that my Mum will also be retiring in the next few years and moving down to the coast.

“Plus there are just so many things other to like about the estate, from a fantastic masterplan to the sensational location just down the road from some of Victoria’s best beaches – we’ve always wanted to live near the coast! With a young family, having access to parks and schools was also very important; our block is located just a short walk to the brand new Southern Reserve and playground, which will be great for Hugo.”

The sales process can sometimes be a pretty overwhelming and daunting process. What were your biggest challenges? And how have the Ashbury Sales Team helped you and supported you along the way?

“Probably the most daunting/challenging part for the two of us initially was making the decision to move to the opposite side of Melbourne, given we were both born and raised in the South East suburbs!

“But once we’d decided we were ready to take the plunge, the Team from the Ashbury Land Sales Office have been great. Supportive and knowledgeable throughout the entire process, they’ve also been endlessly patient and more than happy to help us ‘first timers’ out with so many silly questions. The constant communication throughout the last few months leading up to settlement especially, has ensured we’ve stayed informed and has given us plenty of time to sort out our finance, which has been great.”

How did you decide what you wanted to build?

“We were always attracted to the idea of building something ourselves versus just buying an existing house, because we thought it would be the best way to create our dream home. We also wanted something that would last the distance and accommodate a growing family over time; as well as Hugo, we need plenty of space for when Dale’s 12yo daughter, Tinks, comes to visit during the School holidays.

“In terms of design, we’ve opted for a coastal look and feel for our facade and interior colours. I am also really looking forward to having a large open-plan kitchen and a butler’s pantry. Plus, we’ve made sure we have a decent size backyard, fully viewable from inside, so we can keep watch on our very active little boy.”


Who is your builder and how did you select them?

“While we looked at several different builders, ultimately, we went with Carlisle Homes, based on the floorplan which will maximise our block’s aspect, plus all the quality inclusions in their home designs.”

Any tips for anyone thinking about building their own home?

“Visit as many display homes as you can at the outset as this will allow you to gain a more in-depth understanding of what you like and the designs that really speak to you. Physically walking through different layouts will also give you an idea about what will work for you and your family in a practical sense. The options can be seemingly endless, so this will make the decision process easier, and the house will more truly feel like yours when you move in. We spent every weekend for 6 months looking at houses and researching builders, which has meant we have totally no regrets with our decision!

“Once you’ve landed on a builder, it’s really important to make sure that everything you want in your home is within the plan and read through the drafts carefully. Note down the most important things you want so you don't forget to have them added in to the plan.”

What have been the biggest challenges so far?

“We made a decision to move with our family to save a little more money leading into and during our build. So, I guess that not having our own home has probably been our biggest challenge to date. That said, now that our land has settled, construction is about to get underway, and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, we know it’s all worth it.”

When do you expect to move into your new home?

“We’re hoping to collect the keys and move into our new house in early 2025 – fingers crossed!”

What are you most looking forward to about living at Ashbury?

“Definitely being in our own home, which we’ve built – we’re so looking forward to moving in and becoming part of, a warm, friendly, welcoming community.

“We’re also really excited about the location and the lifestyle. The Master Plan for Ashbury is next level – two football ovals, lots of other sports and recreation facilities, extensive parks, walkways and open spaces, a future primary school, a future community centre and more all coming to the estate. Being so close to the Armstrong Shopping Centre is also great. Most importantly, overall the estate is beautifully landscaped and laid out, even at this point, which makes it a really warm and inviting place to walk around.”