Land for Sale in Armstrong Creek, VIC | Ashbury Estate
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Where Technology And Nature Come Together

Ashbury Estate redefines the traditional Aussie lifestyle. Our dynamic master-planned community is nestled right in the heart of the Armstrong Creek area, creating a complete, vibrant living experience for residents. The estate features a wide array of amenities, such as outdoor parks, playgrounds, cycling paths, and recreational sports facilities.

Ashbury Estate blends the quiet, peaceful ambience of nature with the convenience of urban life. Our sprawling estate incorporates a wide array of natural elements, including open spaces and green conservation areas. There is a wide selection of nearby amenities for the whole family, including schools and shopping districts. Additionally, the estate is slated to have a retail centre, state primary schools and a community centre.

Our proximity to major roads and transportation hubs conveniently links us to the Geelong city centre and the surrounding beaches.

Land for Sale in Armstrong Creek

If you’re looking for land in close proximity to Geelong, Ashbury Estate offers an enviable lifestyle in its prized Armstrong Creek location. A master planned community comprised of 1,400 lots set over 107 hectares, each Ashbury stage release offers a range of land lots for sale that are suitable to accommodate every house design and budget. With a variety of land sizes and a selection of street frontages available, we’ll have a block that suits your requirements perfectly. Experience life at Ashbury Estate today. Click on the links below for more information.

Lot Size Frontage
Stage 21 - Lot 2101 Lot Size: 460m² Frontage: 16.81m   Details
Stage 21 - Lot 2102 Lot Size: 380m² Frontage: 14.00m   Details
Stage 21 - Lot 2103 Lot Size: 506m² Frontage: 14.00m   Details
Stage 21 - Lot 2104 Lot Size: 345m² Frontage: 10.53m   Details
Stage 21 - Lot 2105 Lot Size: 403m² Frontage: 12.51m   Details
Stage 21 - Lot 2106 Lot Size: 450m² Frontage: 14.00m   Details
Stage 21 - Lot 2107 Lot Size: 407m² Frontage: 32.26m   Details
Stage 21 - Lot 2108 Lot Size: 420m² Frontage: 12.57m   Details
Stage 21 - Lot 2109 Lot Size: 439m² Frontage: 12.63m   Details
Stage 21 - Lot 2110 Lot Size: 633m² Frontage: 12.73m   Details
Stage 21 - Lot 2111 Lot Size: 407m² Frontage: 12.55m   Details
Stage 21 - Lot 2112 Lot Size: 416m² Frontage: 12.50m   Details
Stage 21 - Lot 2113 Lot Size: 406m² Frontage: 14.00m   Details
Stage 21 - Lot 2114 Lot Size: 357m² Frontage: 12.56m   Details