Wetlands Update February 2019 | Ashbury Estate

Wetlands Update February 2019

You may have noticed a fluctuation in water levels in the wetlands area alongside Horseshoe Bend Rd.  These are due to construction works currently being undertaken at Ashbury and will continue from now to the end of May 2019.  The works relate to the construction of a temporary drainage facility, south of the wetlands reserve, and an upgrade to the drainage pipes running under Horseshoe Bend Rd. The temporary drainage facility is to provide additional drainage capacity until the Council Sparrowvale wetland system is complete.

In order to facilitate these works it is necessary to relocate water from the wetland reserve to the temporarily storage facility.  Works are on schedule and forecasted to be complete by May 2019.  Once civil construction works related to drainage are complete, landscaping will commence around the wetland reserve with an anticipated completion date of December 2019.