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January 2020 | Money Matters

Making home ownership easier – the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme

Heard about the Australia Government’s new first home buyer deposit scheme, but not sure if you qualify or completely understand what it means for you? To help you, we’ve pulled together a brief overview of the Scheme and provided some useful links to help you on your way to home ownership a little more quickly.

Friday, July 3, 2015 | Money Matters

EVER thought about buying a house with a mate? How about 1400 homes?

A Geelong firefighter and a bus operator — who took a 15-year gamble on a potential development site — are the owners of Geelong’s latest housing estate.

Golfing buddies Geoff Mays and Gary Hodgson — both lifelong residents of the Belmont and Highton area —bought the site of more than107ha in 2001.A decade and a half later, plans to turn the area into a1400-lot estate at Armstrong Creek are now under way.

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