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Events & Local Area

August 2020 | Events & Local Area

Local business is at the heart of every community, and we cannot think of a better time than right now to pay it forward by supporting small businesses in and around Armstrong Creek, Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula.

Each month we are going to profile a small business owner drawn from the local community. This month, we shine a light on David Sanzaro from MJD Concreting.

June 2020 | Events & Local Area

A message from our Sales Team

Making the decision to buy land and build your dream home is an exciting journey but it can also be a daunting process.

March 2020 | Events & Local Area

Easter is a wonderful time to relax, refresh and spend extended time with family and friends… and get creative

For those of us who love nothing more than grabbing a glue stick and some shiny paper, or, better still, heating up a vat of melted chocolate and pouring our own eggs, Easter is prime DIY time.

March 2020 | Events & Local Area

Ashbury residents now have access to a Catholic Coeducational Secondary College on their doorstep following the recent opening of Iona College across the road from the estate.

January 2020 | Events & Local Area

Iona College Opens

In just a few short years, Geelong’s newest suburb of Armstrong Creek has transformed from grassy paddocks to a thriving community, including the development and opening of some fantastic new schools just a short hop, skip and jump away from Ashbury.

January 2020 | Events & Local Area

As the weather warms up, it’s important that we all prepare our homes for the unfortunate event of a bushfire.

January 2020 | Events & Local Area

Summer for many means, swimming, bbqs, beach cricket and fun outside. But there are days when going outside isn’t much fun and staying cool inside is the best option.  Here’s our top tips on staying cool and beating the heat.

1. Close your blinds, especially for north and west facing windows.

2. Adjust ceiling fans, make sure your fans are rotating counter clockwise and pushing the air straight down.

January 2020 | Events & Local Area

Summer is the perfect time to splash, swim and play around water, but it’s also a time to be vigilant especially since drownings can happen quickly and quietly. Drowning is the top cause of death for kids under 5! Here’s our top tips on water safety.

1. Always supervise kids around water.

2. Stay within arm’s reach of children under 5yrs.

3. Do a first aid course.

4. Teach kids regardless of age water safety.

5.Enrol them in swim lessons.  

January 2020 | Events & Local Area

We need to stay cool in summer and so too do our pets.  Here’s our top tips for furry, feathery friends. 

1. Keep cool, make sure they have a cool and shaded place to rest.  In extreme heat bring them indoors.

2, Water, provide plenty of fresh water in large containers, sometimes multiple containers are a good idea.

3. Kids wading pools are great for pets too.

Thursday, October 24, 2019 | Events & Local Area

Whilst the warmer weather is great for being outdoors, our gardens can suffer from the heat.  Here’s our top tips for keeping your garden thriving –

1. Water your gardens early in the morning before the heat of the day kicks in

2. Fertilizing plants will give them the nutrients they require

3. Pest control, don’t let those unwanted visitors take control. Mulch is a great way of keeping moisture in the soil

4. Move potted plants into the shade and,


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